How does the killswitch feature work exactly? And why is this feature so important for most VPN services?

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Kill Switch is a generic name for any form of technology that causes a system to stop working during an emergency, primarily as a security or safety measure. Kill Switches can be found in many types of devices. However, this article is primarily about the Kill Switch used on the Internet, specifically VPN Kill Switches. VPN Kill Switches are included in the original application and prevent an Internet user’s online information – location or IP address, in the case of a VPN, from being temporarily disconnected from the remote server. A fraction of a second of VPN inactivity is enough to break your anonymity with einer nordvpn gutschein @ Globalwatchonline.DE

How does a Kill Switch work?

You can compare the Kill Switch software to a watchdog. If there is nothing alarming or strange, it is seemingly snoozing “snoozing”, but once a connection fails or there is erratic connection activity, it starts working. A VPN application can time out for many reasons, which will be highlighted in the next section with bedste VPN TOP 10 @ Danske.

When the VPN service is interrupted on a device connected to the Internet, your borrowed “invisibility cloak” falls off. The device returns to its actual identity – IP address and location. However, for a VPN application that comes with a Kill Switch, a similar VPN disconnection scenario would cause the computer, router or cell phone to automatically disconnect from the Internet.

Below is a step-by-step explanation of how Kill Switches work:

  • The user browses the Internet through an active VPN connection
  • Data packets and personal information are encrypted and anonymized
  • During an outage, the VPN loses connection to the remote server.
  • The Kill Switch comes into action and immediately terminates the device’s Internet connection
  • The user is warned or sees that the internet connection has been lost
  • The user fixes the initiële cause of the loss of the VPN connection
  • Then he reconnects to the previous or another available server before initializing the internet connection