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What are the best possible types of blenders when comparing them on price? A few tips you need to read first

Blenders have become a lot more sophisticated when you compare them to the first models. The great thing about all blenders is that they are so easy to clean and compared to juicers there are not many parts or components that you have to maintain. Generally, the range of blenders available consists of expensive fast machines and cheap units that can mostly do what you ask of them.

  • But the best models are well worth the extra cost. Save a little longer and buy a blender when you really need it. The best (and often most expensive) blenders last for many years.
  • We currently use the Rolls-Royce of blenders, namely the powerful Vitamix. This big boy can blend just about anything, including raw soup, sauce, ice cream, peanut butter and a tasty margarita. He could even blend a shoe, though we don’t recommend doing so. Do you want to read more about this? Then check out the review about the Vitamix a2500 Vs a2300.

Which blender is one of the most chosen brands right now?

The Vitamix is super easy to use. It has ééone button and ééone switch that both allow for variable speeds. In addition, it also comes with a plastic pestle to loosen ingredients that are stuck. The only downside is the price. For these machines you quickly pay between €300 to €500, which depends on the model. However, you can be sure that this investment will last for years. If you have some problems, it’s good to know that you have a seven-year warranty on new models and five years on refurbished ones.

What’s a good brand of blender these days in 2021?

Blendtec is another quality blender brand. The prices are similar to Vitamix and again you have the option from refurbished models, so it really comes down to personal preference. The Blendtec is a little bit shorter and lighter than the Vitamix (easier to store) and comes with preset settings that basically do the thinking for you. However, because it is lighter, it can slide around a bit on the countertop during use. Some individuals find that smoothies made with a Blendtec are a bit more frothy than the creamy versions made by the Vitamix. This is something we haven’t noticed, but possibly you have. Blendtec handles a full pitcher of thick liquid better, but dates don’t blend well and end up at the bottom.