Bitcoin is under attack by the elite, is it a conspiracy?

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Everyone likes a good conspiracy from time to time, many a film has raked in millions with it. At the moment bitcoin is under attack from all sides, just about all countries and central banks are pushing experts forward to put bitcoin in the dark. What is going on? Is this a coordinated attack?

The coming months will be even worse

Meltem Demirors, CoinShares’ chief strategy officer, expects the attacks to become much more aggressive in the coming months. She also gives a reason, which is that the elite and institutions are gearing up for hyperinflation. For this they want to take all good assets from the middle class.

She calls this modern feudalism

No one wants to be associated with conspiracy theories, but it’s hard to shut yourself off from the attacks of the past few months. In addition, generalization often leads to weak argumentation, but you can hardly do without it.

Three scary properties of bitcoin

At a time when money printers are on full blast, prices around the world are rising (US has highest inflation in 12 years) and governments have had to keep the population inside for a year and a half, free money can be a scary thought. Bitcoin is the only asset in the world that no government has control over. Over which central banks or companies cannot influence. Bitcoin is unregulated, decentralized and uncensorable. Three qualities that agencies that exist by the grace of control are not fond of.

The attacks follow each other in rapid succession. So governments are skeptical and banks want to control the flow of capital and profits from the blockchain.

Jointly curb Bitcoin

Meltom calls the attacks 21st century neo-feudalism. Or as a well-known online dictionary describes: In this system, land was allotted by feudal lords to their vassals, in exchange for an obligation of personal loyalty, military assistance and tax revenue. https://folm.io/ has enough information. This image is reinforced by the fact that authorities try to curb free money with regulation.

Hand in hand comrades

Why do Chinese and American regulators take the same stance while constantly attacking each other on the global stage? Simple: no control. That is why there is a race going on between the central banks of China, America, Europe and all other parts of the world to issue their own digital currency. This is just about control. And those are not just our words, below is Agustín Carstens, the boss of the BIS. BIS stands for Bank of International Settlements and is seen as the central bank of all central banks.

Last week, the BIS, together with the IMF and the World Bank, made a plea to the G20 for central bank digital currencies. https://moveco.io/ has enough information. As if the twenty most powerful countries still had to be convinced.

Soft Revolution

Bitcoin is decentralized and the first payment system that really belongs to everyone. A true grassroots revolution. Despite all the attacks, bitcoin will continue as usual. Every ten minutes a block is added, so that at any time of the day, everyone can continue to protect their value. There is no bitcoin army, there is only the network and its users.